Parenting with Strengths


Why Strengths for Parenting?

As parents, the way we see our children have a huge impact on how they see themselves. But research suggests that our perception of our children not only impacts the parent-child relationship, but also influences how well our children grow up and whether they experience success later on in their lives.

This is where a Strengths-based parenting approach can have tremendous benefits. Using the CliftonStrengths® profiling tool (ages 15 and above) or the Clifton Youth StrengthsExplorer® assessment (ages 10-14), you'll get a picture of your child's dominant talent themes: what makes them tick, what they love to do, and what are the raw talents in your child that you can help to nurture and grow.

Armed with this knowledge, you'll then have powerful tools to understand what exactly your child does well -- and how to set them up for success in their future endeavours.

In our culture, it's all too easy to catch people doing wrong -- and oftentimes that translates to having our children direct most of their energy to their areas of weaknesses. But decades of Gallup research has shown that kids learn and grow better when they direct their energy toward what they can do, rather than spending all their time trying to fix what they're terrible at.

So how do you flip that paradigm? Simple. Learn to catch your child doing right, and affirm them for it.

Nurture the innate talents in your child.

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